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July 10th, 2020
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Details from the U2/Tomb Raider Shoot and TR Marketing

Posted on Wednesday, April 11 @ 04:05:51 UTC by Macphisto

(Filmforce) -- On-set coverage from the band's latest music video with Lara Croft footage, as well as Tomb Raider marketing tie-ins with Land Rover, Pepsi, and others.

by Paul Davidson


Publicists for both the pop group U2 and the Tomb Raider movie production made public yesterday the reports posted here that U2 was incorporating specially-shot Lara Croft footage in the music video for their single "Elevation" as a movie tie-in.

It seems that "Elevation" may be the main song and music video for the Tomb Raider soundtrack – keeping in mind, of course, that the pop music part of the soundtrack is different from the orchestrated part that is used in the actual movie.

IGN FilmForce reader Tyler was fortunate to be on the set for the weekend "Elevation" filming. He was generous enough to send in a report on the sights and sounds he experienced.

"I was able to get on the set for the last couple of shots for the video shoot. It took place at the Universal Studios back lot in the New York street scene section. Among some of the scenes I saw was a car chase, some sort of car explosion, and SWAT trucks. During the off shoots I didn't really notice anything but dozens of spoiled extras complaining of sore feet from standing around all day. But the funniest thing I saw all day: I'm sitting around waiting for the next shoot to start. In the background, you can see the normal tram tour operate (don't know if you been to Universal studios, but if you have, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about – they have this tram ride that takes visitors around the whole park). Anyway, suddenly you hear, 'Oh my gosh it's BONO! It's U2' and then before I know it, a group of about 15 to 20 people ran OFF the tram towards the set. Meanwhile the poor lady on the speakerphone is saying, 'People, please remain IN the vehicle! Please remain calm...' Anyway, I guess, using their rock star intincts, the members of the band took notice, hurried in their trailer as security tried to fend off the crazed fans. It's was something out of a scene in the Beatles' Hard Day's Night or something.

"Anyway, the band was dressed pretty normally for the scenes that I saw them shoot, which led me to believe that maybe the 'evil' version of the band will be shot later. I was also able to meet the director, and he actually seems like he knows his stuff. I had originally thought that he was only associated with the teen pop act videos, but he's also directed Wu Tang Clan videos as well as Destiny's Child's 'Say My Name,' both which I thought were very different from your average N*Sync video. Also, as stated before, Jolie's shots were shceduled to be shot in an entirely different city (Seattle) this weekend, but I the latest word is that her scenes still need to be completed. For some reason it's intuitive for me to think that maybe they were not able to even shoot her scenes yet at all." The mention that shooting may not have been completed over the weekend jibes with a Sonicnet.com report that some or all of the Angelina Jolie footage will be shot this week.

So what's "Elevation" like? This was Tyler's impression: "Seems like the whole overall music theme has a kind of groovy type flow to it that is more up beat with influences of hip hop and electronica blended into one – with its blend of hip hop beats, electronica, and rock, 'Elevation' is a good indicator of the type feel, mood, and sounds they are going for, although it may have more guitar and rock than most of the more 'electronic' sounding tracks, so the songs you hear in the trailers might be a make a better representation of what they are going for in the soundtrack at this point." In other movie tie-in news, Paramount Pictures has lined up Tomb Raider cross-promotional deals with Pepsi, NBC, Swedish cell phone giant Ericsson, and British automobile company Land Rover. Pepsi's big summer push from May to about August will promote the new film, and games featured in various Pepsi products will give away prizes such as cell phones, Land Rover vehicles, and trips to London. Taco Bell will carry Lara Croft merchandise during its summer push, and Tomb Raider promotional spots will air during NBC programming for the next several months.

Ericsson and Land Rover have both paid for big stakes in the film. Ericsson's wireless technology will be an important part of Lara's high-tech arsenal, including the communications headset that keeps her in contact with her support team. Land Rover has supplied two vehicles for the movie – the Freelander and the Special Edition LR Defender, driven by Lara Croft herself. Both vehicles will be available to customers later this year.

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